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For 15 years I have been an equity investor, small in terms of money invested but big in terms of passion. For more than seven years I was lucky enough to be part of the equity markets as a sell side analyst. The part of the job I truly enjoyed was the analysis of a company, the formulation of an investment thesis and most of all the debate with investors on the merits of my thesis. What an amazing feeling when the call was right, especially when contrarian! Pretty tough when it wasn’t, especially when I knew someone had followed my advice. But such is life!

The part of the job I enjoyed less was the  prohibition from trading the stocks I covered as an analyst (although completely respected and understandable from a compliance point of view) and the fact that many times, an idea I could express in a page I would get carried away writing many pages of research so that in my mind it is considered thoroughly analysed and of substantial effort as institutional investors were paying for it.

Well the good news here is that the debate in this blog is free, hopefully fun as it is free of certain formalities, it is aimed to make us better informed investors and also generate “alpha” coming from any ideas posted. No post should be considered as investment advice and anyone who wishes to pursue an idea I may have posted she should conduct her own research. I intend to use this site more in the context of financial journalism, however I am a big advocate of well-argued ideas so anything I post I intend to support it with strong arguments and follow up on its performance.

It is my first attempt to create an interesting blog. While I would hope I should provide some interesting posts with time, I had no idea how time consuming it is to create a nicely looking layout. While I don’t claim I have created one I will be looking to improve it with time.

This blog has been created amidst some very volatile markets with the pound sterling in free fall, elections ahead in some of the most important economies and Deutsche Bank’s woes creating some interesting times ahead. In the retail space I see H&M’s shares near multiyear lows, Boohoo touching historical highs and running like a horse, ASOS shares gathering steam again ahead of their FY results on the 18th of October, Sports Direct profit warning (again), N Brown reassuring of market expectations and shares soaring by double digits, ABF falling out of favour with many investors wondering whether lack of Primark’s online presence could hinder the company’s long term growth, M&S’s debate intensifying ahead of the company’s investors day in November and much else going on. Just trying to set the tone…

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